Horror Express #14 – Sasquatch

Welcome to the 14th episode of the Horror Express. In this program Jason and I talk about a large pest infestation called Sasquatch. Also, the Conductor joins us and introduces a creepy old time radio story that he says answers the question of Bigfoot. If that was not enough we have lots of questions and comments from you guys! So please join us for this train ride into the unknown.

Topic – Sasquatch

Bigfoot is an ape-human type creature that many believe lives mostly in forests in the Pacific Northwest region of the North American continent. He is also often referred to as Sasquatch. He is often described as a large and hairy, resembling a half-man, half-ape creature in folklore and myths. Many of those who have reported seeing Bigfoot describe him with large eyes, a low-set forehead, large brow-ridge, and having enormous footprints. He is believed to be upwards of 500 pounds and anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall. He is also reported to be rather smelly, and he is mainly nocturnal.


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