The 7th Annual Month of Spooky – 2017

I started podcasting in 2011 and since that first year I have have dedicated the the entire month of spooky to the scary stuff. There is no doubt that the numbers for the month October go through the roof and people seem to like it. I ask that you tell all of your spooky friends about the upcoming events and let’s make this the best year ever.  Here is what the 2017 Month Of Spooky will bring:

October 03 – On Tuesday we begin the month of spooky with the the annual re-telling of, The Thing on the Fourble Board, hosted by the Conductor from The Horror Express

Jim Harold - PodcasterOctober 05Ron’s Amazing stories will celebrate it’s 300th episode of the show with guest, Jim Harold. This will be his seventh halloween with us!  How about that!

October 10 – We will re-play an Old Time Horror episode with Jim Harold from a previous spooky year. Tune in to see which one I think is the best!

Ghost Hunter - Silvia ShultsOctober 12 –  Ron’s Amazing Stories #301 – In the tradition of the month of spooky this episode will be filled with stories sent in by you guys!

Silvia Shultz is  one of the finest ghost hunters and ghost story tellers available today. She has written three books on the subject and has a brand new one coming out this Christmas. Sylvia Shults not only hunts ghosts, be she also is a podcaster, and we will have three shows with her!

October 17 – Replay Ghost Stories With Sylvia Shults Volume 1 (2015)

October 19 – Replay Ghost Stories With Sylvia Shults Volume 2 (2016)

October 24 – NEW!  Ghost Stories With Sylvia Shults Volume 3 (2017)

October 26 – The Best Of The Horror Express. I will be taking skits, interviews and other stuff from past episodes and putting them, together into one huge show packed full of goodness! Are you ready for that!?

October 31 –  On Halloween we will have a brand new  Horror Express #19 with my co-host Jason Dowd. This one is going to amazing. I will tell you more about this show in this week’s podcast, which will air September 28th.

This Week’s Podcast:

On this week’s podcast we will have The Horror Express #18. This will be a special podcast with stories and other stuff for you enjoy. We will also have  a remote interview with Jason who is still recovering from Irma. You can listen to this podcast this Thursday at The Horror Express, download it from iTunes, stream it on TuneIn Radio or listen on your radio Saturday night at 6pm Eastern time. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link.

RAS News – July 2017

Time for news, updates and other stuff.


The Horror Express:

horrorexpress250x250We have a new website for the Horror Express. That is not really new news, but we just cleaned things up and gave it a much needed simple URL. You can now type and bing, bang, bong you are there (Don’t forget the “the”).

Jason and I are working on the new episode of the show. Show number 16’s topic will be: Out Of Body Experiences. Jason will have a very special interview for that show that I can’t wait to hear. Also, the response to the Haunted Doll series has been off the charts and we have more stories and questions from you guys. Thanks for that!

Jason and I know that you want more of The Horror Express podcasts. Jason is a full time radio producer and photographer and I have my editing business. So, we get them done as fast we can. However, starting in late August or early September Jason and I will make use of the HE website and start to publish a blog. We hope that you guys will join us and continue your support there.

Most Often Asked Question to Ron:

I have to say that you guys are becoming more active with the show every week and I love it! Thank-you so much for all of the comments, suggestions and stories! The most often asked question I get is,  “how do I get my story to you?” We have talked about this before and I think it is worth going over again. There are basically three ways to tell your story. You can tell it to me and I will write it up, you can write it yourself and send it to me via email (or the contact section of the website), or you can come on the show and tell it live! The choice is yours and I do hope you make that choice. Everyone has some story to tell and we want to hear it.

Did you know that Ron’s Amazing Stories has an archive?

It’s true! I have taken the show over to the Internet Archive and they have provided space to me to store the older episodes. Right now there are about 70ish shows there, but I will be moving more this summer (As soon as figure out how). You can check it out at

The Internet Archive, also known as The Wayback Machine, is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.


The Calendar:

June 29 – C-Chute – (RAS290)
July 06 – Replay Cypherus Canyon With Jim Harold
July 13 – Tale From Development Hell – (RAS291)
July 20 – The Woodwork Couple – (RAS292)
July 27 – Another Science Fiction Week – (RAS293)
August 03 – RAS294 or HE16?